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Important Information About Registration Cancellation 
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Registration may be cancelled only until October 10, 2016. In such cases, other music e.V. will refund the fee paid minus 100 €. Cancellations after that date will not receive a refund, UNLESS a “substitute” participant is willing to take the place of the participant who cancelled.
In order for the workshop to take place, a minimum number of registrations must be received by October 10th, 2016. If the minimum number is not reached, other music e.V. reserves the right to cancel the workshop. In such a case, the entire registration fee will be refunded. So please register early to help ensure that the workshops take place. Thank you!

We highly recommend that you purchase travel and seminar cancellation insurance, to be surethat you incur no unnecessary costs should your participation not be possible.

Please Note: Multimedia documentation is made of all workshops. With your registration, you grant other music e.V. permission to use such documentation for archival and promotional purposes.